Dinda Advena started photography around 2006, within her punk-hardcore and metal community. Seduced by the low lighting stage equipment, she managed to catch the essences of her social world. Her ongoing work as stage photographer expresses her social and musical interests, and appears as an underground testimony of a hidden world. While breaking the borders between the spectators and the actors, she manages to drag the viewer within the action, and breaking the common thoughts of violence by catching a concert room filled with smiles and positive energy.

Meanwhile, her passion for travels and interest for strange and unusual things, as well as surrealist art, has lead her to open her subjects to nature and daily life sceneries. The solitude, which might emerge from her clich├ęs, can reflect a calm and introspection, therefore offering to experience her own vision and position toward the world surrounding her.

Through her work, she doesn't seek for perfection, but invites to share her mind and her way to see the world, carrying her own feelings and emotions instead of only offering just another photo to watch.

get in touch directly to dinda.advena@yahoo.com