Photo Notebooks

For this past 2 years I've been traveling a lot. I noticed that my last post of "Backpacking" section was Holiday In Cambodia, which was from last January 2012... and after that I've been travel to Vietnam, Manado (Sulawesi), Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, and many places around Java. Been trying so hard to start editing pictures but no luck of posting them here. Guess updating blogspot is not as easy as I thought. Bummer.
So i was thinking, why not making them on prints? My first thought was postcards and notebooks, soon with the other travel product series. So here it is!
All of the DAILYRATS products are on sale, all of them are fresh from my travel photograph.
Contact me through dinda.advena@yahoo.com for purchasing :)

 photo 1NotebooksA6-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 2NotebooksA6ring-dailyrats.jpg

Contains 8 photos + 80 blank sheets of HVS 70 gram (A6)
 photo 3NotebookTrapInPattern-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 4NotebookTrapInPatterninside-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 5NotebookTrapInPatterncredits-dailyrats.jpg

 photo TrapInPatternall-dailyrats.jpg

Contains 8 photos + 80 blank sheets of HVS 70 gram (A6)
 photo 6NotebookFoundObjectsParis-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 7NotebookFoundObjectsParisinside-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 8NotebookFoundObjectsPariscredits-dailyrats.jpg

 photo FoundObjectParisall-dailyratscopy.jpg

Contains 8 photos + 80 blank sheets of HVS 70 gram (A6)
 photo 9NotebookHereLiesSkullandSkeleton-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 10NotebookHereLiesSkullandSkeletoninside-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 11NotebookHereLiesSkullandSkeletoncredits-dailyrats.jpg

 photo HereLiesSkullSkeletonall-dailrats.jpg

Contains 8 photos + 80 blank sheets of HVS 70 gram (A6)
 photo 12NotebookWordboner-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 13NotebookWordbonerinside-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 14NotebookWordbonercredits-dailyrats.jpg

 photo Wordboner-dailyrats.jpg

Contains 1 photo on the cover + 20 sheets of blank HVS 70 gram
 photo 15PocketNotebooks-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 16PocketNotebooksinside-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 17PocketNotebookscredits-dailyrats.jpg

 photo 18NotebookSizes-dailyrats.jpg

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